About Us

Masakali.co was born in May 2021 and founded by Bhumika Fashion. The company it self serving highest quality of garments since from 2005. We are basically designing, manufacturing of Lengha Choli for every occasion and also we have our dedicated team for designing and manufacturing Kurtis, Suits and Tunic Daily wear Garments.

Women have the luxury to opt from several attires daily, which men basically don’t, and that works quite well for them. Women can choose from many different attires every day so our goal is to help and serve beautiful and affordable everyday wearable garments.

We are team of more than 70 people in our in-house production unit which includes Fashion Designers, Pattern Designers, Sketch Artists, Finance Team, Logistic team and other workers.  We are keep in try to make every garment exceptionally curated for only women and also try to deliver it to the largest to smallest part of our country. Our mission is to take our Brand " Masakali.co " to the internationally by 2023.


by Bhumika Fashion.